Implemented from November 2002 to October 2004, EPOH (THE FUTURE) aimed at on one hand support the national reconciliation process in Rwanda and then contribute to the restoration of social fabric in the country.
On the other hand, to participate in the restoration of the culture of peace and respect of fundamental human rights by using cinema and audiovisual to preserve the memory of the 1994 genocide.
The project has achieved some significant success:
1)  More than 100 testimonies of survivors, perpetrators, relatives of perpetrators were recorded to constitute an audio-visual documentary archive on the memory of the 1994 Genocide;
2) 4 videos lasting 26 minutes each were produced out of some testimonies;
3) The video were used for sensitization to unity and reconciliation and respect of human rights through actives and participative screenings. More than 50,000 viewers were able to participate to the screening and the debates;
4) A written version of some testimonies of survivors was published in French and Kinyarwanda;
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